Center for Autism


Applied Behavioral Analysis

When using applied behavioral analysis to treat people with autism it is important to apply scientific methods accurately for each of the families needs. Therefore, every family is accessed for their specific needs prior to treatment.  Once those needs are identified we fit the necessary ABA principles and other scientifically proven treatments for that family. Other treatments may include: Discrete Trial Training, PECS, Functional Communication Training, Pivotal Response Training, and Incidental Training.


UCLA PEERS Social Training

Having asperger's or high functioning autism is a challenge. At C.A.R.E. we really push our clients to be independent, happy, and live productive fulfilling lives.  That is why CARE is one of the only mental health agencies in the State of Washington  that provides UCLA PEERS Social Training. The UCLA PEERS Programs primary purpose is to teach people on the higher autism spectrum how to make friends, maintain friends, socialize,  and effectively communicate with others. The program is divided into two groups: parents and teens. Parents are trained on how to promote social skills and have time for Q & A regarding their teens weekly progress.  The teens role play and are given social homework assignment goals for the following week.  This program lasts several months and meetings are held once a week. This program can also train CARE staff  how to give proper social skills training to people with Asperger's and high functioning autism. 


Positive Behavior Support & QBS Safety Training

This type of intervention is meant for adults and adolescent's with challenging behavior that require additional assistance from typical autism services. Examples include if a client is self injurious or if they require two or more therapists to provide behavior intervention each session.  QBS training will be held for staff in July to provide a pro-active safer environment and to help staff handle crisis situations. This training helps prevent injury to the client, family, and staff when a client may exhibit challenging behaviors.



Occupational Therapy

This is a service that CARE plans on providing in the future. We will hire occupational therapist and job coaches to help adults with developmental disabilities find jobs and prepare them for employment. This type of therapy is also useful to teach independent living skills necessary for someone transitioning into a large independent living facility, their own home, or a group home. 

Speech Therapy

We will provide speech therapy in the near future. Speech is a pivotal skill for communication,  social, and vocational skills. Language effects our behavior and quality of life. Improvement in this area is one of our highest priorities.  




A Psychologist can evaluate a person and diagnose them with autism and other disorders. Families can use this diagnosis to get ABA services through their insurance company. We are currently looking to hire Psychologists in the future but do not offer this service at this time. 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst's

At CARE it is also extremely important to use assessments to evaluate the specific needs of our clients. BCBA's find what are the specific needs of the family through observations, interviews, looking at previous medical history, family history, the clinical psychologists diagnosis, baseline data, assessments, and other miscellaneous information. We can start to develop a solid intervention plan once the BCBA has developed a FBA, an evidenced based treatment plan supported by data results, and  solid team that fits well with the families needs. BCBA's also train staff and supervise them during therapy. They deliver our ongoing training and supervise staff to allow quality assurance measures, fidelity, and consistency across our different forms of services.