A Story of a Father and Son

I always thought my Father was a good role model for parents with autistic children. After his divorce a few years ago he has been sharing custody with my brothers Mom. Despite these challenges. My brother still remained the center of his life.  He knew my brother like the back of his hand. He knew his specific routine and what he liked to do throughout the day. He knew his favorite movies, what specific foods he liked, the restaurants he wanted to eat at, amusement parks he enjoyed, and even his favorite vacation spots. It was almost as though he could read my brothers mind even though he couldn’t talk. 

 It is an amazing relationship and they enriched one another's lives. My father all ways admired my brother for being able to get a hold on his situation and to be content with what God had given him.  This testimonial story is uplifting for parents with disabled children. It gives them hope that even though they have a child diagnosed with a developmental disability and it is devastating. You can still have a great relationship with them. Still bring happiness to one another’s lives. Just like my Father and my Brother.