Disney World With My Family 2013

Taking a picture with goofy with my Brother and Dad at Disney World. My Brother has autism. He has many deficits. But these deficits are only a small part of who my brother is. My brother has a wonderful personality. He is a happy and confident person with frequent smiles. A person that appreciates what he has instead of focusing on all of the things he hasn’t acquired. He has a problem with authority like me and loves to eat bacon in the morning and hamburgers without the bun with a coke in the afternoon. He loves to watch movies and enjoys swimming in the ocean. He is probably happier than me despite his disability and I have a lot more to be thankful for. Growing up with him has shown me that there is more to a person than there disability. From my experience many people in society only see the disability and not the person. That is unfortunate because if one cannot look past a persons disability then one cannot learn from people like my brother. For example learning to appreciate what you have despite your circumstance and not getting angry about the small things in life.