CARE Participates in the WAAALK For Autism

WAAAlk for Autism is an inclusive and family friendly celebration to provide resource information for families, raise funds for Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy (WAAA), and celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on Sunday, April 2nd. Join WAAA as we raise funds and awareness to support improved insurance access and effective services in schools and communities for kids with autism and developmental disabilities across Washington State.

C.A.R.E. Has Fun at The Autism Speaks Walk 2016 in Seattle

Had a great time with my family at the Autism Speaks Walk 2016 held at the Seattle Center. Pictured below is myself and my Son Henry. My wife took the picture of us. The next picture is of the EMP Museum and Seattle Center which is a great place for the event. The third picture is of children spinning the CARE wheel of free prizes. Prizes include: Playing games, healthy snacks, fruit, and water. The kids had a fun time playing the wheel game, basketball, blowing bubbles, and knocking down bowling pins with a nerf shooter. My boy had a good time too hanging out with family and taking frequent naps.  Nice meeting everyone that participated in the walk. Hope we gave some helpful information...See you next year!

Becoming Connected In The Autism Community

For Families & Medical Professionals:

I  believe it is in the best interest of the autism community to be well connected. I encourage families to use our family resources section and attend our free ABA Workshops. These Resources can give you great information to assist your families needs. I encourage families to be aggressive with networking and seeking assistance.  Support groups, grants, other government aid, and other resources can help you feel like you are not alone. It is great to have a community that can relate to your concerns and is there for support. 




A Story of a Father and Son

I always thought my Father was a good role model for parents with autistic children. After his divorce a few years ago he has been sharing custody with my brothers Mom. Despite these challenges. My brother still remained the center of his life.  He knew my brother like the back of his hand. He knew his specific routine and what he liked to do throughout the day. He knew his favorite movies, what specific foods he liked, the restaurants he wanted to eat at, amusement parks he enjoyed, and even his favorite vacation spots. It was almost as though he could read my brothers mind even though he couldn’t talk. 

 It is an amazing relationship and they enriched one another's lives. My father all ways admired my brother for being able to get a hold on his situation and to be content with what God had given him.  This testimonial story is uplifting for parents with disabled children. It gives them hope that even though they have a child diagnosed with a developmental disability and it is devastating. You can still have a great relationship with them. Still bring happiness to one another’s lives. Just like my Father and my Brother. 

Disney World With My Family 2013

Taking a picture with goofy with my Brother and Dad at Disney World. My Brother has autism. He has many deficits. But these deficits are only a small part of who my brother is. My brother has a wonderful personality. He is a happy and confident person with frequent smiles. A person that appreciates what he has instead of focusing on all of the things he hasn’t acquired. He has a problem with authority like me and loves to eat bacon in the morning and hamburgers without the bun with a coke in the afternoon. He loves to watch movies and enjoys swimming in the ocean. He is probably happier than me despite his disability and I have a lot more to be thankful for. Growing up with him has shown me that there is more to a person than there disability. From my experience many people in society only see the disability and not the person. That is unfortunate because if one cannot look past a persons disability then one cannot learn from people like my brother. For example learning to appreciate what you have despite your circumstance and not getting angry about the small things in life.